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Doreen Virtue, (April 29, 1958) born and raised in California, is an American author, spiritual psychologist and motivational speaker. She is known by many as "The Angel Lady". Doreen has clairvoyant abilities herself as she is able to communicate with spirits. During a traumatic experience in her life Doreen experienced the power of the angels which might have saved and changed her life forever.

She is the founder of the New Age therapy healing method that includes working with the angelic realm. Doreen has also appeared on many popular tv shows such as Oprah, The View and CNN.

Doreen Virtue is the author of over 20 books and 25 Oracle card decks on topics like Angels, spirituality, fairies, nature, healthy lifestyles and vegan eating as she is 100% vegan herself. Consulting the Oracle cards is an ancient way to connect and to receive healing and inspirational messages from the Angels. Doreen's Oracle card decks have become extremely popular and well-known due to their beautiful illustrations and graphics which make them even more fun to work with. She also sells her own cd's with healing music on it which can assist you during meditation, chakra clearing or other form of therapy. Preferably you could meditate listening to one of Doreen's mini podcasts for meditation and healing.

Doreen creates online workshops since 1997 that include working with people and their guardian angels to heal and balance all aspects of life. She has taught thousands of people worldwide how to participate in Angel Therapy and to learn the skills of spiritual healing. Angel Therapy is an innovative healing method based on the divine healing energy of the Angels. They love us unconditionally and are always there to guide us, teach us and help us. All we need to do is ask. You can listen to Doreen weekly on the Hay House Radio show where she talks live about the latest angel messages on global events and spiritual healing and answers callers questions. Doreen is the most well-known Angel expert and her books have been sold over a million times.

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