Psychic Reading
What exactly is a psychic reading?

Psychic readings

What exactly is a psychic reading? A psychic reading is a reading performed by a reliable and experienced psychic or other spiritual advisor who uses their heightened abilities to receive accurate information on the background, preferences, past-present and future circumstances of the individual on the receiving end of the reading. All of us are connected on an energetic level, although it might not seem like it, and a psychic reading works by connecting to the energy that is constantly in and around us. Psychics have the ability to step into that place and to make a tangible connection. This allows them receive information that is not within the reach of our normal five senses. Psychic readings bring clarity and answers to complicated issues in our life and foresee us of new found wisdom. Psychic readings are for your own personal development and they are a great way to receive expert guidance.

Psychic readings could surprise and amaze you but ultimately the goal is for you to better connect with your higher self and to see your own path more clearly. It's an experience you are best to step into with an open heart and mind while also staying thoughtful of your own values and beliefs.

Online spiritual advisors

A spiritual advisor offers their assistance to people who might need some help or guidance on their life journey. They are often seen as mentors or teachers to those who cross their path. Besides psychics there are many other spiritual advisors you are able to consult. Of course this all depends on the type of divination you are looking for. Spiritual advisors include psychics, psychic mediums, astrologers, clairvoyants, fortune tellers, tarot card readers, healers, numerologists or spiritual coaches. Every spiritual advisor has one or more area of expertise and may or may not make use of additional tools such as tarot cards, pendulums, crystal balls etc.

Different kind of readings

Psychic reading online
Psychic reading online

Readings can vary from love forecasts to astrological profiles or career reports. It all depends on what it is you would like to know about. Once you have established that you can look for a psychic or other spiritual advisor who is experienced and qualified for that specific divination. A reading could be an astrological forecast which is created by an astrologer, a future love spread which is performed by a professional tarot card reader or a reading from a reliable psychic medium who is able to contact your deceased loved ones and channel them. There are numerous (psychic) readings available but we can cover much of them by summing them up.

  • A general psychic reading, which can give you information, advice and insights in your past, present and future.
  • Tarot card readings such as love spreads, the Cross and Triangle spread, the Celtic Cross spread, the past present and future spread, the relationship spread, a career spread and so on. These readings are conducted by experienced and professional tarot card readers. Often times psychics, clairvoyants and psychic mediums also choose to use the cards as an additional tool.
  • A psychic medium reading. The psychic medium of your choice will channel your deceased loved ones in order to gain more clarity and to make peace with their crossing.
  • An natal chart or future horoscope such as career reports, full in depth love horoscopes or compatibility reports. These are astrological forecasts or personality profiles based on astrology. Professional astrologers are able to create any horoscope you like.
  • An aura reading. Aura's contain all information about your spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing. This reading can be done to determine the cause of mental or psychical ailments. An aura healing can be in place when there are blocks within your energy field.
  • A palm reading. This reading is based on the lines and patterns on the palms of your hands which are believed to hold the secrets of your future.
  • Karma, reincarnation and past lives. This reading is based on your karmic lessons and reincarnations to find out what your purpose is on earth and what lessons you have yet to learn.
  • A numerology reading. A numerology reading is based on the numerical value of your full name and date of birth in order to determine your character and future.
  • Psychic love reading. This reading is conducted by a psychic who is able to look at the future aspects of your love life and potential partners. As said before psychics can make use of additional tools like tarot cards as well.

What questions can you ask

General and popular topics that are discussed during psychic readings are love, relationships, career, money, family etc. This does not mean your reading has to revolve around any of these topics. Whatever question you might have or whatever is crossing your mind is worthwhile to discuss with the spiritual advisor of your choice. No topic is off limits and no question is too complicated. Before a reading you should clearly state for yourself what it is you want to know about. When you have any questions regarding your spiritual lifestyle then feel free to contact our spiritual coaches about anything that can help you. Questions about any emotional issues or physical pains can be discussed with a professional healer to see if the underlying cause of any ailment has to do with energy blocks in your aura. But keep in mind that an energy healer cant replace a certified doctor.

Examples of questions you can ask a spiritual advisor:

  • Should I switch jobs?
  • What is the purpose of my life?
  • Is this relationship right for me?
  • Is Reiki healing beneficial to me?
  • Am I on the right path towards achieving my goals?
  • Is my partner cheating on me?
  • Which step should I take next?
  • What nutrients can help me feel more energetic or spiritually grounded?
  • Which crystals stimulate the blood flow or help me feel more secure about myself?

Feel free to ask anything for professional spiritual advisors are happy to guide you through anything. You can also ask for a general reading if you don't have any specific question or topic in mind. During a general reading you will receive information that is most important for you to know at this moment in time. General readings often include summaries of every area of your life but it also depends on the spiritual advisor you are consulting.

How to choose a consultant

Are you tired all the time? You feel like something is blocking your energy or you feel down, stressed and drained? An aura reading can help you decipher where the blocks are coming from and what you can do to feel better again. Aura readings are performed by psychics who have the ability see energy. Sometimes we hold on to too much negativity that can impact our energy field and makes us feel physically or emotionally unwell. Often times an aura reading helps to determine the cause of physical illness.

Or maybe you want to contact loved ones who have crossed over because you miss them dearly and you would like one last chance to talk to them. A psychic medium can act as a channel in order to receive and rely information upon you that comes directly from the energy of the person on the other side.

You might as well want to know what is on your horizon in the love department or career wise. In that case you can either contact a psychic, tarot card reader or astrologer. If you feel the need for guidance on your spiritual journey or a way to positively influence your life and your body by living a more spiritual lifestyle you can always contact one of our professional spiritual coaches.

How to recognize a reliable psychic?

Reliable psychic
Reliable psychic

Because psychic readings have become extremely popular in recent years there are some people who try to take advantage of those looking for answers and clarity.

That is why it's important to find a reliable psychic or other spiritual advisor you can feel comfortable with. A genuine and reliable psychic is fully aware of the impact they can have. Their goal is to help you and guide you towards becoming happier and more satisfied while offering clarity and wisdom.

A reliable psychic starts a reading by letting you know that he or she is truly connecting to your energy. They can do this by talking about your personal preferences, something significant that happened to you in the past or an object you own and no stranger would know about. It is important to determine whether or not the psychic knows anything no else could have known or are they instead talking about random events any person comes across in their lifetime. Be sure they are talking about you specifically. A genuine psychic is warm, kind and loveable. They exude a certain energy that makes you feel safe and at ease. If you are not feeling entirely comfortable with the psychic or you have any doubts about their sincerity it is always best to reconsider your options. You should only engage in a psychic reading when your instincts let you know it's the real deal. Another important thing to know is that spiritual advisors will never judge at any cost.

How to avoid scams?

In order to make sure you are not falling for a scam or in other words a person who is trying to take some sort of advantage of you there are a number of things you can look out for. For instance make sure that you have read reviews on the specific psychic or spiritual advisor before taking part in a reading. Most psychics allow their clients to leave reviews of their psychic readings and the only reason they do this is because they are certain of their sincerity. There are common scams a supposed psychic can use in order to benefit from you. Be extra cautious when one of the following scams are being presented to you:

A supposed curse or spell that is resting on you and sometimes your family. According to the "psychic'' this is the reason behind the bad luck you are experiencing lately and in order to get rid of it you are advised to consult him/her as often as possible for a cleanse.

Some self pro claimed psychics will tell you they are able to put a spell on a person you dislike or are in love with in order for you to benefit from it.

Other so called spiritual advisors could 100% guarantee they are able to heal you from any illness. Sure, a spiritual healer is able to help you and often times heal ailments but it is not always given that a treatment will work as effectively as one likes. Also bear in mind that spiritual healers are no doctors and their treatments are no replacement for medical treatments.

Another way to avoid being scammed is to pay extra attention, especially at the beginning of a reading, to what the psychic or spiritual advisor is telling you. If you feel like they are not clear, vague or talking a lot about themselves instead of you, the person most important during the reading, it is best to confront them about it and to leave the session immediately. Best apply this to any future consult you'll have with a psychic, psychic medium, tarot card reader or other consultant to avoid disappointment of any kind.

What to expect from a (psychic) reading

A psychic reading is not only useful when looking for answers but they are also widely used to talk about emotions, feelings and everyday challenges. If you are not exactly sure what to expect from a (psychic) reading than its best to ask yourself what it is you would be satisfied to leave a reading with. Maybe you just want some insights from another individual or you would like a glimpse of your future concerning an area of your choice. You could also long for contact with a departed friend or relative. You should always first state what it is that would make this reading a success for you. Once you have established this you are almost set. When taking part in a psychic reading the number one thing you can expect from our spiritual advisors is respect. All psychics or other advisors treat every individual the same way no matter what their background, personality, upbringing or religion is. For the psychic reading itself you may expect clear answers, no beating around the bush and expert advice. It also good to know that no spiritual advisor is going to talk negatively about you, your choices, your future or the people in your surroundings. Their professional approach is focused on the positive and they will on notify you about difficulties or challenges when they feel it is right to do so. But they will do so in an efficient and constructive way while guiding you towards taking the best steps to conquer anything you might be dealing with or have to deal with in the future.

How often can you consult a psychic?

Psychic reading
Psychic reading

This is a question that is asked a lot because there is no real guideline one can or should follow. Consulting a psychic is always beneficial and informative. It will only help you for the greater good. That being said there is no limit to the number of times one can consult a psychic. Each time you consult one of our psychics you are in for something new. You will learn new information about yourself and others and receive accurate predictions about anything you would like to know about. The duration of the reading is entirely up to the person on the receiving end. At any time you are able to take breaks or stop the session whenever you desire. If you feel the need to consult a psychic or other spiritual advisor for guidance, insights etc. then there is no reason for you not to do so. Of course consulting a psychic or other advisor regarding the same topic over and over again during a short period of time will not influence any outcome of a situation if you do not change your own views or behavior regarding the situation at hand. Consulting the same spiritual advisor for about one or two times a month should usually help you a fair deal. If you have questions for a different advisor in the meantime there is no need for hesitation. Your own needs and urges should always be in the back of your mind when deciding whether or not to ask for a (psychic) reading.

Can a psychic predict my future?

The shortest and most direct answer is: Yes, they can. But let's dig a little deeper into that. What makes them adequate to predict future events and possible outcomes? For instance because they possess certain qualities that allow them to connect to the energy field that surrounds every living being. As Einstein said there is no real division between the past, present and future. This becomes very clear when connecting to the energetic world. All events, choices, actions, behaviors, feelings and thoughts are connected by energy, intertwined and effect each other greatly. Knowing this you can best believe it is highly possible to foresee the influence the energy of all our actions and thoughts etc. has on our future and surroundings. It is not always a definite outcome that is predicted by a psychic. Often times they predict possible outcomes or results of the actions we take and the road we continue to follow. In turn this allows a psychic to advice you or guide you towards the steps or course of action for you to take if you desire a different result.

Many things in our furture can be changed by changing our thoughts and actions. That being said there are things that cant be changed and are part of our karma and lessons we have to learn. Psychics can have visions of these certain things that will happen in your furtune or receive the information in other ways, for example by clairaudience of clairknowing.

Not only psychics are able to foretell the future. Tarot card readers, psychic mediums, fortune tellers, astrologers, numerologists and clairvoyants all have their ways to make accurate predictions. Whether they use tarot cards, astrology, numbers, their strong intuition, psychic abilities or all of them combined.

Psychic video chat

Our professional and reliable spiritual advisors are available 24/7. Of course our burning questions do not only haunt us during the middle of the day. At night, sunset, sunrise or afternoon you have the opportunity to consult our expert advisors. If you have a spiritual advisor in mind you can always give a psychic reading a try without any further obligations. You might find yourself positively surprised by the accuracy of the information you'll receive. If you would like to take part in a free chat first to see if there is a positive connection between you and the spiritual advisor you have the unique chance to do so. Of course you can also read reviews and experiences from others who have received readings from that specific advisor to see if you are truly interested. With any psychic reading you can stay as anonymous as you like.

Good psychic readings end with you feeling happy and clear about the choices you have available to you and more optimistic about the wonderful future that lies ahead.

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